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The Book and Project Development


"Nadune or the prophecy of the big blue"

The Book "Nadune", is a novel but not only. It clearly poses the major issues facing France and Europe: Islam, the rise of populism, the disarray of populations in the face of a changing world, the quest for meaning, the search for peace, personal development, terrorism, etc. Anchored in an impossible love story between Narjiss and Olivier, an assertive populist who dreams only of power, the book is also an accompaniment to the quest for self. 

The book also lays the first milestones of CAROLINE's thought and commitment. to act in the hope of building a better world for generations to come.

The ideal is to have read this book before becoming a partner in our projects. 

Become a Nadune™ Partner


Nadune back view

At the origin of the creation of the Nadune™ logo presented above, the braided blue hair, the back view, and the pink outfit are representative of the character. 


Nadune three-quarter view

Also at the origin of the creation of the Nadune™ logo presented above, the pink tunic, and the blue hair in a long braid are characteristic of the character. 


Nadune front view

Although the character is very rarely seen from the front, this drawing represents the individual transformation by the multiple wicks of color associated with the original azurite blue. The peaceful and loving dimension of the character is represented by the generous smile, the usual pink tunic, and the deliberately raw details of the face. 

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